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About this blog 關於本網誌

The primary topics covered in this blog are listed as "labels" (Arts, Composition, Technology, etc.) so please use them if some topics are less interesting to you.

I see myself as a citizen of the globe and I believe sharing thoughts in an honest way helps make the world a little bit better. A lot of people are already doing this in a much better way, and I do my small share with this blog. I write things that I think may help somebody out there.

"Still reflection" sounds non-English and it gives away the fact that English is not my native language. I hope one day the machine translation technology will allow everyone in the world to express themselves with their most comfortable language. However, before that day comes, I still choose the most international language (at the time of writing) to write most posts because I believe linguistic origins should not impair the exchange of thoughts and ideas. Sometimes I'll write in other languages if the specific contents benefit the readers of those languages the most.

This blog contains decades of posts and earlier posts do show the immaturity and the big ego of an ignorant young man. This blog, therefore, records my growth and self-reflection.

You can read more about blog organization details here.

本網誌涵蓋的主題列在Labels之下(藝術,音樂創作,科技等等)。 您可用來篩選您有興趣的主題。





Saturday, November 5, 2011

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If you are responding to one of my posts, please leave your comments there. If you have a reason to send me a private message, please use this form. However, please understand that I may or may not be able to reply to your message, although I will try.

Note that the old contact method no longer works.