Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Some trivia for search engines

For those who have the need to search for these answers. :)

The first ruler of England was "Egbert", King of Wessex.  (See World History, Historical Figures).

The "Mayflower" Compact was America's first written constitution.  (See U.S. History).

Francis Lightfoot Lee, one of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence, was a "farmer" by trade.  (See U.S. History, Signers of the Declaration).

James Monroe, 5th President of The United States, was the son of "Spence" Monroe and Eliza Jones.  (See Presidents' Biographies).

"glansnost" is another word for openness or candor.  (See Language, Foreign Words).

A "bug" is a mistake that occurs in a program within a computer.  (See Language, Computerese).

Sandy Koufax won the Cy Young Award "3" times.  (See Sports, Baseball).

"Mach" is a word used to describe supersonic speed.  (See Weights, Measures and Numbers, Breaking the Sound Barrier).

According to the National Film Registry, the film Casablanca was released in the year "1942".  (See Arts and Media - Movies, National Film Registry).

Cary Grant's original first name was "Archibald".  (See Noted Personalities, Original Names).

What famous boxer hails from the Bluegrass State?  "Muhammad Ali".  (See States of the Union, Kentucky).

Peggy Fleming won the Olympic gold medal in women's singles figure skating in "1968".  (See Sports, Winter Olympics).

More wheat and rice is grown in "China" than any other country in the world.  (See Agriculture).

William "Tyler" Page, Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives, wrote "The American's Creed."  (See Great Seal, American's Creed).

Clint Eastwood was born in "San Francisco", California.  (See Noted Personalities, Entertainers).

In the year 1540, Spanish explorer Hernando Alarcon discovered the "Colorado" River.   (See World Exploration and Geography, Early Explorers of the Western Hemisphere).

"Batman" was the top grossing movie of 1989.  (See Arts and Media - Plays; Movies, All Time Top 50 American Movies, 1989).

Elzie C. Segar was the creator of the cartoon "Popeye".   (See Noted Personalities, Cartoonists)