Wednesday, July 26, 2006

SELinux vs. mount

I needed to share a directory which is actually a mounted ISO image via ftp, but SELinux would assign system_u:object_r:iso9660 to the directory as the context, instead of system_u:object_r:public_content_t. The solution is to use the option "-o context=system_u:object_r:public_content_t" in mount.

It's obvious why we need mount to work with SELinux when mounting any external media/drive.  However, when do we need to it to work with ISO image?  Well, a common application is to make available the contentof an ISO image via SAN, FTP, HTTP, etc.  This not only makes themanagement of files easier (one image file instead of millions of smallfiles, for example), it also allows us to have multiple virtualdrives.  That way, we don't really need a physical drive and/or disc.

I needed it to install Fedora 5 by sharing the content of FC5 DVD image via FTP.

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