Wednesday, October 11, 2023

敵人 Enemy








A friend lost one of her family members to the recent war bombing. Others had to leave that disabled member behind.

Taiwan experienced a devastating earthquake in 1999, during which a lot of people also had to leave their loved ones behind in their narrow escape. On top of the loss, they also have to carry the survivor guilt.

Facing natural disasters is part of life and we do not have other choices but to face them, but wars happen because somebody prioritizes their interest over other people's lives. The pain brought by the war is therefore on another level.

Many people's birthday wishes include world peace. Who are we hoping to grant these wishes? I am unaware of any deity who specializes in granting birthday wishes.

Perhaps birthday wishes should not be wishes asked of a genie, but rather, resolutions, like the New Year ones, which are more like goals that we work hard to achieve.

In hoping for the world peace, perhaps we should start from improving our own personal relationships, by at least reducing our hostility toward others, and ourselves.

Today I make a wish to honor that lost life by starting a new journey to reduce my negativity.

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