Thursday, December 1, 2005

About this blog 關於本網誌

If you are a first time visitor, you'll find some helpful notes here about the history, structure, policy, system, etc. ofthis blog.

如果您是第一次來,可以參考本篇。這裡會介紹本網誌的歷史、結構、規則、系統等背景。 (中文翻譯見後)


Welcome to my blog. Here's why I started blogging. And here's why I choose to use weblog among other voicing media.


On your right you can find a box titled "Category", in which you'll find my postings categorized. If you use other blog systems, please note the difference here: each category is independent, e.g. articles categorized under category "Mozart" will not appear under category "Music", although "Mozart" seems to be a sub-category of "Music". You can also click on the question mark in front of each category name to read the general entry for that particular category.


Mostly I write in both English and Chinese, but sometimes when I cannot afford the time to translate, I'll try to use the one that is more relevant to the content and particular audience.

Unfortunately this particular blog system's support for multi-lingual entries is not satisfying (see the section of my comments on Serendipity's multi-lingual support here). Currently both English and Chinese are written in the same entry. You may want to scroll down to see the language you are familiar with.


I don't write much, so I should be able to use the saved time to go back to edit my old writings. When several relevant articles are mature enough, they will be compiled together for easier access.

Article Dating

There are many old articles in this blog. Obviously they were written before blog systems appeared. However, I still date those articles according to the time they were written. Some timestamps are accurate to seconds but not all.

Each article entry has a line saying "last modified on xx". I'm working on a plugin to sort entries according to that info so visitors can find recently added old articles.

Policy on Visitors' Comments

I probably won't be able to respond to all comments I get, but I will at least try to carefully read what's written to me. Also, for the sake of readibility and structure, I reserve the right to delete/edit/compile visitors' comments. Of course, I will respect visitors' privacy and copyright.

This Blog System

This blog is powered by Serendipity (s9y). I pay my high respect to the open source community.
















這個網誌是用Serendipity (s9y)架的。我對開放原始碼的社群表達我的崇高的敬意。

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