Thursday, July 24, 2008

About this Blog (moved to Blogger)

I had to move the site again -- the original hosting space became unavailable about 9 months ago so the original site was down for that long. Unfortunately, I was going through a time too overwhelming to take care of things like that. Now my life finally came back to normal and I decided to use a relatively stable provider to host my writing and to share my thoughts with people. After a careful consideration of my situation and the resources out there, I decided to use Google's Blogger service. (I'll share the technical consideration process in another post.)

Anyway, I managed to convert everything from my old blog system to Google's Blogger. However, a lot of the hyperlinks in the contents are still linking to the old system. I'll fix them one by one. In the mean time, you can easily search within my Blogger to find the intended linked page.

Also see the old About page.

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