Tuesday, January 24, 2006

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開始作曲以來,我一直為爵士樂的即興本質著迷。可以說,即興演奏,就是在當下作曲,而且在音樂發生時,能帶給演奏/作曲者自己許多驚奇。(雖然我這麼說,我仍覺得傳統作曲很重要。這大概是因為人心智的極限吧 ── 我們能想像一個交響樂團以即興的方式而能夠奏出像春之祭一樣結構複雜的作品嗎?)對我個人而言,即興精神和禪的本質很接近 ── 抓住當下。



I've been fascinated by the improvisational nature of jazz since I started composing. In a sense, it's like composing in real-time, full of surprises even for the composer/performer himself/herself. (That said, I still value planned composition a lot due to the limitation of human mind -- imagine an orchestra improvises and produces a symphony that's as neat and tight as Rite of Spring.) And for me personally this is very close to Zen -- moment to moment awareness.

I play jazz piano and compose/arrange for jazz bands. For me, it's fun, satisfying, and a great practice for me as a Zen pratictioner. The excitement of listening to great jazz musicians' improvisation has always taught me to be humble and be more in the moment.

In this category, I will put some handouts of my early talks introducing jazz, some email I wrote to recommend standard tunes, and perhaps some reflections I got over the years.

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