Monday, April 8, 2002

About Category Mozart 關於這個莫札特區

關於這個莫札特區 About Category Mozart

我是莫札特迷。事實上,我在1991年時所架的第一個BBS站(AMADUES BBS),就是為了分享我的莫札特經驗。




I've been a Mozart fan forever. In fact, I built my very first BBS, AMADEUS BBS, just to share my Mozart experience with others.

Here I archive my works on Mozart, ranging from music, articles, to references. Articles include comments on Mozart's life and his works. The music is either a special rendition/arrangement of Mozart's works or works dedicated to him. References provide some useful links and a list of all his works.

I also plan to comment on the books and records I have, and share my concert notes, as well as outlines of my talks.

Q & A between me and readers will be included, too.

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